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Logic Puzzles and Math Problems for Curious Kids

Welcome to Math with James. This website is a collection of logic puzzles and math problems from some of my favorite mathematicians. I created this site as a gift for G4G13, a math conference that celebrates recreational mathematics, puzzles, and games inspired by the work of Martin Gardner.

Chomp Game with Ravi Vakil

Playing the Chomp Game with Ravi Vakil Ravi Vakil is a Professor of Mathematics and the Robert K. Packard University Fellow at Stanford University. I love visiting with Ravi because he always has fun puzzles [...]

Dots and Boxes with Elwyn Berlekamp

How to Win at Dots and Boxes with Elwyn Berlekamp Elwyn Berlekamp is a professor emeritus of mathematics and EECS at the University of California, Berkeley. He's also an expert at Dots and Boxes. He's [...]

Tax Man Problem with Bill Gosper

How do you maximize your take home pay? Bill Gosper shared this problem with me. He calls it the Tax Man Problem. In the province of Peculia Pecunia, you are paid on an annular basis. [...]

Bill Gosper’s Is It a Square?

Is it a square? I got this problem from Bill Gosper. Although the object looks like a square, is it really a square? You have to prove it. In this video I show you how [...]

Graphing Linear Equations

Find the Common Points